Sculpture Space NYC: The Space Between

Sculpture Space NYC is proud to present "The Space Between",
as part of SSNYC Curatorial Program 2021 series
featuring work by Matt Nolen.
The Space Between

March 5th – April 10, 2021


By Matt Nolen

For many years I made ceramic figures whose narratives occupied liminal spaces- life lived in the margins of great transition. A cancer diagnosis in 2012 thrust me into my own liminal space as I struggled to cope with issues around mental, emotional and physical wellness and mortality. Eventually I began to explore this space through the abstraction, ambiguity and hybridity of porcelain vessels. The notion of endlessly splitting cells had me wondering about the new spaces that are created as a form splits apart vs. the apparent solidity, weight and mass of the tumors that evolve from cells dividing.

In the summer of 2019, during a visiting artist residency at the Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem, Israel, I lived in a neighborhood “on the seam” between Jewish and Palestinian quarters. My daily observations of this psychologically charged transitional space had me wondering about the porosity of borders and split forms that are more connected than they might appear.

The works in “The Space Between” have allowed me to investigate the relationship of the micro landscape of my body to the macro of the external world’s social and political environment. Garniture sets, bookends, and ink blots are the vehicles allowing me to explore splitting, conjoining , seams and borders, collapse, failure and ultimately - regeneration.


In order to create a safe environment during the COVID pandemic we ask that all visitors wear a mask and remain socially distanced while visiting the gallery. On View By Appointment Only

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