SP907 Autumn Leaves


Cone 04-06

Low Stone: Spectrum's exciting line that give the appearance of stoneware. Low Stone Glazes approximate the look of high-fired reduction pottery, yet they are fired at low temperatures in an electric kiln. The first nine colors have a glossy finish: 901 to 905 are semi-transparent two-tone glazes that produce a beautiful effect when used on pieces with some detail. 906 to 908 are glazes that break up and give one color in areas where they are thick and another color in areas where they are thinner. 909-924 have a satiny finish and they will all break up to varying degrees. Spectrum has added 900 Clear to this line which can be used, for example, to line the inside of pots. Please do not use Spectrum 900 Series Glazes on the same piece with Spectrum 700 Series Glazes. Due to significantly different expansion rates this combination can cause pots to crack.

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