SP1421 Pear Ash


Cone 4-6

Ash look glazes for cone 6 electric kilns: 
This exciting new line of 6 colors is designed to imitate the age old tradition of using ashes as a glaze in wood fired kilns.All six colors are translucent, and all are designed to “gather and run” much like a traditional ash glaze. The variety of colors is inspired by the different effects that come from using various fruit trees as a source of ash in reduction. One thin coat is sufficient, and they can be used on their own or over another glaze. They are all oxide based and therefore will create fascinating new colors when overlapped with other glazes. We find that they work exceptionally well overlapped with our 1100 series texture glazes as well as our 1500 series Nova dipping glazes. These glazes will mature at cone 4-6. Apply to cone 03-05 bisque ware.

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