SW108 Green Tea


Mayco’s Stoneware Glazes were developed to perform from mid-range (cone 4/6) to higher fire (cone 9/10) temperatures. These glazes work well on stoneware and porcelain. Most Stoneware glazes are available in pre-mixed pints and dry mix. The hallmark of our Stoneware glazes is that they provide visual interest and movement without running. If you've had difficult experiences with mid-range galzes running off your ware you will enjoy the performance of Mayco Stoneware glazes. 

They can be applied to bisque or soft-fired bisque. 
Apply one coat if dipping or spraying; 2-3 coats for brushing. 
Allow to dry thoroughly in between each layer of glaze application. 

Fire to Cone 5/6. 

Will also perform well at cone 9/10. 
Can be fired in oxidation or reduction atmospheres.

Always test prior to use.


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