Clay Art Center Presents A Taste of Home Juried by Julia Galloway

An exhibition featuring ceramic cups that celebrate and explore our relationship to the meaning of “Home”.
In the gallery
September 1 – October 15
In Person Opening Reception: September 9, 6 – 8pm

A Taste of Home, is a national invitational exhibition, guest curated by Julia Galloway in conjunction with Clay Art Center.  The show consists of ceramic cups or drinking vessels that each artist has created reflecting their relationship to the meaning of home, whether presented as a humble but favored object, vehicle of expression, or object of desire.

The cup is both an everyday and intimate object in our daily home lives. Using our favorite cup can bring us unscheduled moments of comfort, elicit special memories, and create opportunities for social interaction as we stop to imbibe, reflect and savor. A cup can be the touch of elegance at the hurried breakfast table, the fun, bright moment in the workday, or the relaxed drink over a conversation with a loved one. Whatever reason we have to choose a particular cup, it elevates that object from functional to sacred just because it is our favorite and reminds us of home.

In the past year, our homes have been transformed into new environments with new narratives and language. Working from home, remote learning, home studio practice, isolation, virtual socializing, economic impact, and/or watching social justice events unfold across the United States in a tumultuous election year are just some of the ways the home landscape has been changed. For some, the home landscape has changed forever.

Participating artists include: Kait Arndt, Posey Bacopoulos, Jill Bell, Jeff Brown, Jeanne Carreau, Heidi Mckay Casto, Maggie Chow, Joanne Colon, Rosanne Ebner, Wendy Eggerman, Vicki Finkel, Liz Gamberg, Deborah Heid, Kevin Hughes, Shari Jacobs, Deborah Jaffe, Madeline Kaczmarczyk, David Kruk, Diana Lawrence, Nicole Lewis, Keok Lim, Wade Macdonald, Sheetal Mehta, Becky Meneely, Claire Micklin, Evelyn Mtika, Andryea Natkin, Sally Ng, Margarita Paz-Pedro, Lori Phillips, Lisa Rogers,

Jennifer Rosseter, Susie Rubenstein, Danielle Ruggiero, Elizabeth Ruskin, Shana Salaff, Alexandra Saunders, Roberta Shapiro, Hitomi Shibata, Angela Smith, Mark Talbert, SaraTruman, Ann Tubbs, Liberty Valance, Maggie Valle, Kurt Brian Webb, Jackie Welsh

Join us for the in person opening reception on Thursday, September 9, 6 – 8pm. Meet some of the artists and view the exhibition. The cups from the show will be for sale for pick up at the end of the exhibition.

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