Clay Art Center Celebrates Black History Month

Clay Art Center is celebrating Black History Month with programming
highlighting Black ceramic artists.

This February marks the 45th annual Black History Month, a celebration of
the achievements and advancements Black Americans have added to the history
of America. We are excited to take part in Black History Month by providing
programming celebrating Black ceramic artists throughout February. This
programming includes our online virtual exhibit Concepts in Clay: Artists of
Color featuring the work of 10 Black ceramic artists from across the US,
along with Virtual Artist Talks with Black ceramic artists Vinnie Bagwell,
Rich Brown and Syd Carpenter. Hear from Black ceramic artists who have
presented recent artist talks for Clay Art Center in our online Virtual
Library which is free to access anytime on our website.

To Learn More, View the Exhibit & Register for Virtual Artist Talks Visit
our Website:

Concepts in Clay: Artists of Color
Online Virtual Exhibit thru Feb. 28, 2021 Co-Curated with Paul Briggs

Concepts in Clay features works of celebrated Black ceramic artists from
across the US, and brings together a collective voice that speaks about a
variety of themes and processes as part of the continuum of artists of color
working in clay in the US today. Clay is the vehicle that amplifies these
voices, and within this collection, these artists not only share their work
with us, but their thoughts on what present-day America means to each of
them. As we move forward in turbulent and uncertain times in our society at
large, this exhibition marks a place in time in the contemporary clay artist

The artists selected here make clay works that are wide ranging in the
treatments of surfaces, processes, forms, materials and subject matter. This
collection also investigates a variety of themes unique to the Black
experience in America, from human relationships and interactions, identity
and image of self, social justice and activism, to the outward expression of
inner experiences.

Featured artists include: Adero Willard, Kyle and Kelly Phelps, Morel
Doucet, Paul Andrew Wandless, Syd Carpenter, Donte Hayes, Lydia C.
Thompson, Nathan Murray, Paul Briggs, and Rich Brown

Support these wonderful artists by purchasing a work from the exhibit:

Virtual Artist Talks

Our popular virtual artist talks feature some of the top ceramic artists
practicing today. We are honored to host three black ceramic artists over
the next 5 weeks listed below. We will continue to support Black ceramic
artists throughout the year and look forward to future talks including one
with Paul Andrew Wandless on April 22 among others.

Vinnie Bagwell: Black History in Public Life, February 3, 7 - 8pm

Vinnie Bagwell is a New York native and renowned artist who led the
conception and development of the Enslaved Africans' Rain Garden in Yonkers,
NY (, and whose achievements include
being awarded with public work commissions in New York and across the US.
Join Vinnie as she discusses her career as a sculptor whose work starts in

Rich Brown: From Here to There, February 23, 7- 8pm

Originally from New York, Rich Brown is based in Georgia, and is a full time
studio potter with his own brand "Pottery32". Join Rich as he discusses his
journey into discovering ceramics and how working with clay has shaped the
direction of his life. Rich Brown is featured in Clay Art Center's online
exhibition Concepts In Clay: Artists of Color.

Syd Carpenter: Places of Our Own, March 8, 7 - 8pm

Syd Carpenter will present her ceramic sculptural works, and discuss the
influences of African American farming and gardening on her pieces. Syd is
also a participant of Clay Art Center's online exhibition Concepts In Clay:
Artists of Color.

Black Ceramic Artists Talks in our Online Virtual Library

Browse our online catalogue of past Virtual Artist Talks and Demos by some
of the top Black ceramic artists in the US such as Sana Musasama, Wesley
Brown, Kyle and Kelly Phelps, Donte Hayes and Paul Briggs. Our virtual
library is free to access anytime to learn from these ceramic artists in
their insightful videos.  Visit our website to watch

Black Ceramic Artist Stories on our Instagram page @clayartcenter throughout

Visit our Instagram page @clayartcenter for a series of Black Ceramic Artist
stories and posts to learn about the works and the artists who created them
throughout the month of February.

Clay Art Center Anti-Racist Agenda Commitment Statement

Clay Art Center believes that the arts can touch and enrich lives and play a
significant role in social change. We believe that Black Lives Matter, and
we will work towards ensuring that diversity, equity, accessibility and
inclusion are a part of our core values. We will offer stimulating and
culturally diverse programs in our studio practice, exhibitions and
education to better serve diverse communities. We will engage with these
communities and institutions to understand, evaluate and ensure how we can
best succeed at achieving diversity, accessibility and inclusion. We will
actively work to ensure that we have the resources to accomplish these
objectives. To learn more visit our website: