North Star

North Star Die Set #3

For use with the North Star Standard Extruders. Contains 6 solid tile accessory dies and 1 hollow die. 

These North Star dies are made of 1/2 inch thick polyethylene, which is wear-resistant and non-contaminating. The top edge of the die cavity is beveled to compact the clay as it passes through, giving a more solid extrusion. 

For the North Star hollow dies, there is a bevel on both the interior and exterior portions under each side of the bracket (which holds the center of the hollow dies) designed to help the clay "reform" after is has been cut apart by the bracket. The bracket fits into a Z-shaped slot machined into the top of the hollow die and is held in place by the barrel of the extruder. If a hollow die is mounted in place, the center part of the die is in exactly the right place and the wall thickness will automatically be even all the way around. 

*Note: A die in this set requires the use of a North Star Z-Brace which is not included.

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