Brent Worktables

Add versatility and convenience to your brent® B, C, CXC or EX wheel (also fits ie and ie-x models made after January, 2009). Store clay, modeling tools, brushes, and other supplies on the surface or in cup holders to keep them within arm's reach. 

The brent® WorkTables are 1/3" thick and are made from the same rigid, easy-to-clean material as the AMACO® Plasti-bat. 

These two tables attach to the front wheel legs with the same supports and knobs as the Curved WorkStation except they can be independently adjusted. One table is 16" x 10" (Item No. 22876L) and the other is 18" x 10" with a 4 1/4" cup holder (Item No. 22877M). 

Multiple positions for each table are possible by loosening one or more of the four knobs. Raise/lower the support or rotate it in or out to desired position then tighten to secure. 

Available individually or as a set.

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