S-2708 Oriental Caramel

Gorgeous crystal glazes in a non-toxic formula are ideally suited to schools and institutions. These are unique, magical potions of colors and rock-like crystals that produce dramatic effects when they flow and melt during the firing process. 

They are applied to properly fired Cone 04 (1940°F, 1060°C) bisque using a soft fan brush. Crystalites fire at Cone 06 (1830°F, 999°C), but can be fired up to Cone 6 (2165°F-2269°F, 1185°C-1243°C). There's no need to fire the glazes any hotter to make the crystals flow, bloom more, or pattern better. They can be used in glaze combinations with other non-toxic glazes. 

Although they are food safe when properly fired, Crystalites may not be practical for food containers due to surface characteristics. 

Many Mayco low fire (cone 06) glazes can be fired to Cone 6. A description of the Cone 6 results are on the product label. Always test and protect your kiln shelves when testing a glaze to a temperature higher than the recommended firing temperature.

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