EL208 Moss Creek

Mayco's popular earth tone Element Glazes now come with crystals! 

During the firing, the crystals spread out to produce a burst of color to create a truly unique look. No two pieces will ever be alike, as the shape of the piece, glaze application, firing temperature and kiln load all affect the final glaze surface. BEST when applied over another glaze. 

Apply 2 - 3 coats to cone 04 bisque. Fire to cone 06. 

Due to non-toxicity of these products, they meet FDA standards for food-safeness, but, due to surface characteristics they may not be suitable for food use containers. 

Note: These glazes are best when applied over, under or between other glazes. Try combining Chunkies with regular Elements and Cascades for stunning results. 

Many Mayco low fire (cone 06) glazes can be fired to Cone 6. A description of the Cone 6 results are on the product label. Always test and protect your kiln shelves when testing a glaze to a temperature higher than the recommended firing temperature.

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